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Robots Need Not Apply

This presentation explores why complex business problems require creativity. Related Posts   David Apgar Founder - Goalscreen About David Apgar David has helped entrepreneurs around the world achieve their goals by identifying powerful new drivers of...

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When to KISS

Anyone who has struggled with car windows, door locks, audio settings, and climate controls subject to the latest onboard digital platforms without a manual control in sight will feel some nostalgia for the slogan of Lockheed Skunk Works lead engineer Kelly Johnson – “Keep it simple, stupid” – KISS for short.

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Testing assumptions about impact

Impact scorecards help you improve business outcomes by measuring the effectiveness of your strategy as well as execution. After all, it doesn’t matter how well you execute a strategy if it’s the wrong strategy for hitting your goals.

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Investor diversity at the SoCap15 conference

For this attendee, the strongest impression of the SoCap15 conference for impact investors last week in San Francisco was about investor diversity. There were plenty of impact investors looking for energy, health, and data startups and boasting about exits.

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Assumptions Based Metrics: Recipe for Success

Two challenges facing U.S. businesses raise the question of how well our performance management systems are performing. One: Although average worker productivity has risen briskly for two decades average wages have stagnated. Two: The flattening of U.S. consumer...

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Sharpening Your Risk Intelligence

From seeing risks as generally matching rewards and risk avoidance as little safer than risk taking over much of the past 60 years, business has returned to the darker pre-war view that what can go wrong will do so.

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Know What Matters to Hit Your Goals

As consumer demand falters and raw material costs rise, the pressure on business leaders, marketers, finance executives, and operating officers to pinpoint what is driving – or hindering – progress toward their performance objectives ratchets up.

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Relevance abstract

The information revolution is drawing to a close as our expanding information resources bury decisions under ever-higher piles of conflicting data. Leaders of even small organizations simply cannot tell what matters.

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How to Build a Micro-Entrepreneur

Rapidly rising food prices and a global economic slowdown have exacted an enormous toll on emerging markets — making the success of micro-enterprise sectors employing the working poor all the more important.

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David Apgar
Founder - Goalscreen

About David Apgar

David has helped entrepreneurs around the world achieve their goals by identifying powerful new drivers of organizational growth. He has advised businesses on best practices at McKinsey and CEB, managed small-business and microfinance funds, and taught at Johns Hopkins and Wharton.

David has a BA from Harvard, an MA from Oxford, and a PhD from Rand's Graduate School. The GoalScreen coaching program and software platform have evolved out of his desire to make it simpler and easier for small businesses and social enterprises to take advantage of the power of assumption testing and impact scoring.

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